Say Cheese – Disney Institute

Every point of contact is an opportunity to build a relationship with your customers.

When a customer drops in to your office unexpectedly, do you make them feel special or do they feel like they interrupted your day?

Relax, take 5 and seize the opportunity let them know you care.

Something simple, inexpensive and creative can make every visitor a VIP.  All it takes is a digital camera, digital photo frame and a VIP sign.

Before our customers leaves, we ask them if they would mind having their picture in our “VIP Gallery”. We take the memory stick out of frame, put in camera, take picture, stick back into frame, done.  End result, a 24/7/365 day rotation of all your Very Important Partners.

Before long guests will be asking what it takes to get their picture in your gallery.  You can smile, tell them it is reserved for your Very Important Partners and then tell them you would be honored if you could add their picture.

Leave a comment and tell me how do you make your customers feel special?

Have a Wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Random Me:  My first car was a 1969 Red Chevy Camero Rally Sport with white interior. Wish I still had that car today.


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  1. Donna,

    What a fantastic way to feature your customers! That’s a “WOW” moment in my book!

    • David, it’s fun to hear the first words out of their mouth when you ask to have their picture. Really, it is comical. Very creative excuses why they don’t think they look good in pictures. Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog “spot”.

  2. Impressive Donna.
    It’s the little things, which you do so very well.

    • Thanks Jeff, makin’ the most where ever I can. It’s fun to have the flexibility to be creative.

  3. such a great idea – it even helps ME to see those faces day after day…I recognize our customers out in the community like at the Y or target 🙂 and then can make another connection and say Hi!

    • Thanks for the comment Monica, yes EVERY point of contact is important.

  4. You seriously run the best business ever. I look up to how you present yourself to your customers and the community. It’s amazing.

    • Nichole, you are so sweet. I have no formal training nor magic wands (well maybe one and it is hanging in the stairway going up :-), I try my best and use what I learned at the Disney Institute. It is so simple really. What is my business without my customers and my employees? Absolutely nothing.

  5. […] We have a treasure chest filled with trinkets.  Each visiting child is allowed to choose one treasure from the chest that usually keeps them occupied during their visit.  We also have coloring pages and offer to take their picture for our VIP Gallery. […]

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