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Every point of contact is an opportunity to build a relationship with your customers.

When a customer drops in to your office unexpectedly, do you make them feel special or do they feel like they interrupted your day?

Relax, take 5 and seize the opportunity let them know you care.

Something simple, inexpensive and creative can make every visitor a VIP.  All it takes is a digital camera, digital photo frame and a VIP sign.

Before our customers leaves, we ask them if they would mind having their picture in our “VIP Gallery”. We take the memory stick out of frame, put in camera, take picture, stick back into frame, done.  End result, a 24/7/365 day rotation of all your Very Important Partners.

Before long guests will be asking what it takes to get their picture in your gallery.  You can smile, tell them it is reserved for your Very Important Partners and then tell them you would be honored if you could add their picture.

Leave a comment and tell me how do you make your customers feel special?

Have a Wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Random Me:  My first car was a 1969 Red Chevy Camero Rally Sport with white interior. Wish I still had that car today.


Not Just an Employee

I was aware of the long hours at the gym.

I saw the strict diet.

I gagged at the site of those brown protein drinks.

She kept her body under-wraps.

She asked for two days off work.

Glad as an employer we could oblige.

Glad I found out what all the hard work was about.

I had no idea.

Not just an employee, she is my daughter.

1st Place & Overall Winner

Proud Mamma,

Donna Flanagin

Random Me:  Fiji is my favorite bottle water.

Disney Institute – By Chance or By Design?

Collecting Pop Tabs

The first day as a Walt Disney World Cast Member is spent in Traditions, an orientation session that all Cast Members, regardless of position or rank, attend.  It promotes and reinforces the Company values, history and operating philosophies.

This past month, I was faced with the task of hiring a new employee. Being a small company, we have very little turnover, so filling an open position is taken very seriously.  Step one is finding the right person for the position, step two is letting them know they made the right choice by choosing our company.

Rather than starting orientation with an “employee handbook”, we start with a “company handbook”,  if you will.  A book about US, our company history, values, goals, recent accomplishments,  5 things we are most proud of as a company, our community involvement and we end with a form called “Help us get to know you”. It includes about 20 voluntary questions like, what is your favorite music, favorite dessert, favorite restaurant, favorite hobbies, strong points, weak points, do you have pets, and if money where no object, where in the world would you like to visit.

How did you get to know about your employer’s history, values and goals, by chance or by design?

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Random me:  I bought my first computer in 1982. (IBM)

The magic and enthusiasm of the Disney Institute workshop is over, now what? This blog is about keeping the magic alive,  in a small bulk mail business in Indiana. Click Here.

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