Is five day delivery in the future for the post office?


Do you think customer service is a high priority at the post office?

I think we all will agree that the post office does a phenomenal job of delivering mail.  Put a letter in the mail one day, and it ends up in the hands of the recipient the next, sometimes even with the wrong or insufficient address.  Think about that.  Millions of pieces of mail moved all across the country every day with precise accuracy.

I think we also know they are in a financial crisis.

They are proposing 5 day delivery, already removed many corner blue mail boxes, and are consolidating or closing many post offices while simultaneously telling us customer service is important to them.

Customer service is not measured by what you say but by what you do.

Why not try upsetting the apple cart?

Can you imagine this television commercial by the post office professing their commitment to customer service?

“We are going to institute 7 day delivery, with all post offices being open 9 – 5,  7 days a week and if there is ever a line longer than 5 people, we will open another window.  We promise you will be greeted with a smile and we will find a solution to your mail needs.”

Radical?  Yes.

Impossible?  Maybe.

“If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough”… jeff noel.

What do you think the post office could do to improve their customer service?

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Random me:  The post office is essentially my business partner.  I live with their decisions.

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  1. Donna,

    This is perhaps, your best post!!!!

    The USPS is not known for their service. I believe a radical transformation is not impossible. I do believe a lot of employees would be out of a job of quality service was a mandatory qualification!

    Preach on!

    • Wow, what an honor, one of my best? I think I have mentioned before that I try not to be too critical. It’s easy to write negative, finger pointing blogs but I don’t think it adds anything positive to the world. I wrote this one as softly as I could. Thanks, as always, for stopping by.

  2. I believe that there are 4 “windows” at the post office…however, I have never seen more than 2 open and always a line. Most people are very busy and don’t have time to wait in a line. “Running to the Post Office real quick” is no longer an option. I think this is why some people have moved to Fedex and UPS for their shipping needs…causing the Post Office to lose business.

    • Sad, isn’t it. There are so many things that have gone wrong with the PO that I fear it is beyond repair. BTW, my opinion has no real affect on anything at the PO.

  3. And you do not build yourself up by knocking others down. If you do that, you haven’t moved.

  4. Donna, from my view, radical (reinvention) is the only choice. I wish them luck. Thy really have nothing to lose.

    Perhaps the first step is getting a visionary leader who can see the Post office being open 24/7…someone who believes it’s possible to make Fed Ex, UPS, etc scared.

    • Glad to hear that someone else feels this way. Thanks for your comments, they are very much appreciated.

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