Sometimes EDDM is not the best choice


I recently had a customer that was considering enlarging their envelope to qualify for EDDM.  The quantity was approx 50,000 pieces covering 6-7 different zip codes going to eastern US states. Click here for EDDM quick reference.

Why I believe this was not the best idea.

1.  Additional cost for larger custom envelope

2.  Additional printing to add City, State and Zip to each group on each magazine

3.  Shipping 50,000 pieces to each local post office.

Leaving the mailing in a #10 envelope but mailing it as a regular saturation mailing was more cost-effective.

Sometimes EDDM is a good idea and sometimes it is not.  Ask your local USPS bulk mail representative or a reputable mailing service.

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Donna Flanagin

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Bulk Mail Service Tip #5 – Print Enough

Bad Kissingen Germany

Remember to provide your bulk mail service with enough mail pieces to cover your mailing.

If your list is 512 do not give them 500 pieces. 

Print a little over so your bulk mail service has one for their file, one or two for setup and a couple for spoils.

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Donna Flanagin

Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service

Bulk Mail Service Tip # 4 – Using Abbreviations

Be careful when using abbreviations in addresses.


St Rd 2 vs State Rd 2

The abbreviation “St” means “street” to the post office.

So if you type in St Rd 2 you are telling the post office you want to mail to “Street Road 2”.

Spell out the word State. 

Don’t forget your bulk mail is being processed by computers that read what they see.

Click here for a complete list of USPS abbreviations

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Donna Flanagin

Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service

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EDDM Size Dimension Changes

There have been recent changes in size dimensions for EDDM

Mail  piece must be ONE of the following:

  • Greater than 10.5 inches in length

OR 6 1/4 inches in height

OR .25 inch thick

  • Minimum thickness is .007
  • Minimum height is 3.5 inches
  • Maximum weight is 3.3 ounces

In addition business only routes will now be shown in your targeted search via the business/residential search criteria if a business only route is available in that area.

Click here for more information.

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Donna Flanagin

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Response rates

Some day tailoring? Oops!

Direct Mail

There is still no better way than direct mail to guarantee that your offers will reach the hands of prospective customers.

But your response rates can be affected by many factors:

  • your offer
  • design appeal
  • the weather (blizzards for instance)
  • competition
  • local economic factors
  • conflicting events
  • your reputation
  • supply and demand
  • even customer preference

Years ago I did a mailing for a customer that was delivered on time but a blizzard arrived on the day of the event.  It happens. 

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

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Postcards purchased on the internet all stuck together like a brick.

Every Door Direct Mail vs Saturation mailing.  Which one is a better fit for you?  (postage pricing as of 6/4/12)

EDDM RETAIL  vs  EDDM BMEU (Saturation)

  • Retail = No permit purchase required
  • BMEU  = Permit purchase required     
  • Retail    = 5000 pieces per day limit
  • BMEU = No daily limit
  • Retail    = Must be dropped at each zip code P.O.                               
  • BMEU = No drop required
  • Retail    = Mail piece must measure as a flat
  • BMEU = Any size
  • Retail = No address required
  • BMEU  = Address and/or simplified address required
  • Retail    = No non-profit postage rates
  • BMEU = Non-Profit postage rates apply
  • Retail    = Lowest postage available 14.5 cents
  • BMEU = Lowest postage available 6.8 cents
  • Retail = DIY
  • BMEU  = may require a service

I hope you find this helpful and if  you have any questions, leave a comment.

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

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RECENT LETTER TO MY BANK….on how they can save money.


Look familiar?

The following is a letter I recently sent to my bank.  Let’s see if they are interested in saving money?

Dear Dan:

     I am not soliciting business, I am just passing useful information. Because mailing is what I do for a living, I thought I would pass on this suggestion.

      There is a way for the bank to save money on their monthly statement mailings.  If you fold your statements into a 6 x 9 envelope instead of the 9 x 12 you can mail 2 ounces now for 42.4 cents. The second ounce is FREE.   You are now paying 93.2 cents.  That is a 50.8 cent savings on every statement that is 2 ounces or under.  By my mailing experience, I would guess that is the majority of your mailing.  Yes, you do have to fold the statements but I think that might be worth far less than 50 cents to you.

       This is something new that just started on January 22 of this year.  The post office included the 2nd oz for FREE on standard size mail if you’re using first class presort and you are!

      Also the cost of a 6 x 9 envelope will be cheaper than the cost of the 9 x 12 so you will save again.  This reduced postage is not available on a 9 x 12 size.

         If you have any questions, just call. 

 Warm Regards,

 Donna Flanagin (click here to go to my website) (click here to go to EDDM blog)

Great Customer Service – Home Depot Valparaiso IN

Great customer service by employees is often because management encourages it.  I think that is the case at Home Depot in Valparaiso. 

I originally called because I wanted to sign up for a drywall repair workshop but was told they did not have one scheduled.  Rudy told me to come on in and that any of the guys in his department would take the time to give me a brief one on one “how to drywall repair lesson”.  And that is exactly what they did.

I told Tom what my issues where and he proceeded to actually repair a piece of drywall for me hands on.  WOW, that was so awesome and exactly what I needed.  He answered all my questions, took me to other departments to find different products that might work for my needs and even printed out some “how to’s” from the computer.

There was no way I was going to be a huge sale for them, I was not one of their PRO contractors but their care and concern has created a devoted customer.

“BRAVO” Home Depot Valparaiso

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

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Positive Disney Institute Comments

As part of WordPress site stats you can see the “terms people used to find your site”.

To my surprise someone typed a search “negative Disney Institute comments” and reached me.

Really, they landed on my site by looking for negative Disney Institute comments???  How did this happen, I love the Disney Institute.

So I decided to do the search myself.

Sure enough, 5th from the top in a google search, my post appeared.

There it was, the word negative in my blog about the Disney Institute. Read the comments section at the bottom (click here).

I wonder what would happen if you search the words “positive Disney Institute comments”?

How is it possible to search negative and positive and get similar results?

What a huge testament to the Disney Institute Program.

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Random me: I’m excited about the Disney Institute coming to Valparaiso IN on Aug 16th 2011. 

QR Code – Saving postage?

QR Code (quick response)

Have you seen those new QR Codes (quick response)?

Are you curious what all the hype is about?

Keeping it simple, it is a code that is read by a mobile smart phone with the appropriate App and it will lead you directly to a companies ad, website, coupon, etc.

The USPS is proposing a 3% postage discount to all bulk mail (standard and first class) that displays the new QR Barcode (quick response) during the month of July and August 2011 (click here) for FAQ.

If you would like to do some direct mail in July or August and would like to incorporate the QR Code, contact us, we can help.

There are many different Apps that can read these codes.  I personally downloaded QuickMark. If  you have a smart phone and an App, read the above code and see where it leads you.

If you have an QR Code reader app that you really like, let me know in the comments.

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

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