We all have a choice

We wake each morning with a clean slate.

A new opportunity to change our future.

Today some people will attend class for the first time.

Some people will train for the Olympics.

Some people will paint a masterpiece.

Some people will audition for a dream role.

Others will watch television all day.

Or work at a job they hate.


Have a wonder-fill day, it’s your choice.

Donna Flanagin

Random me:  I do not have one drop of Irish blood in me, but today I will choose to celebrate like I do. Well, maybe not but I will wear green.  Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone.


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  1. Hmmm….watch TV all day? Sounds relaxing. 🙂
    Love your post today.
    Celebrate the day. We all know you will.

    • A day of escape would be good right now.

  2. Some people become immune to the idea of changing their choices.

    Every 24 hours we get another chance to have a great day.

    • So true. Happy Monday Morning, make it one of the best Monday’s ever.

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