Disney Institute – Everything Speaks

This sign is on display in our business as a daily reminder to our employees.  What does it mean?  What do you think it means?

Everything you say, everything our customer sees, speaks volumes about our company. Every point of contact matters.

While browsing a garden center, you notice too many plants are dead or dying, what is your impression?  Before eating at a  restaurant,  you notice the silverware is dirty, what are your first thoughts?

The Disney Institute challenge… look through the eyes of your customer.  Walk through your own front door, what do your customers see?  Ask a friend to call into your company phone system, how were they treated?  Did your phone system put them into the endless loop to nowhere?

It might be eye-opening.

Take the challenge and leave a comment about what is revealed about your company.

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Random me: I’m a morning person.

The magic and enthusiasm of the Disney Institute workshop is over, now what? This blog is about exactly that,  for a small bulk mail business in Indiana.

Disney Institute – Not Just a Name Tag

The magic and enthusiasm of the Disney Institute workshop is over, now what? This blog is about exactly that,  for a small bulk mail business in Indiana.

His name was Carlos, he came from Chicago, Illinois, worked at Walt Disney World for 5 years and spoke Spanish fluently.  How did I know these interesting things about Carlos, yet we had not spoken one word to each other?  By his name tag.

Disney puts a unique emphasis on their name tags.  A new cast member receives one on their first day of employment, all employees MUST wear one while working and that includes front line AND top management.  If you forget your name tag at home, you might be assuming an alternative name for the day by randomly selecting from a drawer full of spare name tags.

With a keen eye, you might also spot a small badge added to the name tag that boasts special recognition or exceptional honors.

As a small business, I had not given much thought to name tags, after all we only have 4-6 people on site most days. Would a name tag really make any difference? Final answer……Yes!

One of the first things I noticed by wearing a name tag was the frequent glances at it by visiting customers. The pressure was off, they didn’t have to try to remember my name or even wonder if I was Donna, the faceless voice they had talked to so often on the phone but had never met.

Another advantage was the customers ability to get to know the names of my employees, too.   How often have you frequented a place of business and you still don’t know the receptionist’s name or the name of a delivery guy that delivers to you regularly.  Sad isn’t it?

I also found that presenting a new employee with a name tag within the first few days of employment, nurtured a feeling of acceptance, of being special in a small way. It says we believe in you and welcome you to our business family.

The name tag is also a simple, subtle marketing tool.  I recently gave a talk to a room full of political candidates.  After I  finished,  a woman came up to me and introduced herself and said she had noticed my name tag when I walked in and wondered if I knew any Flanagin’s from Calumet City. I told her yes and we found out that she was a good friend of my brother-in-law.

If you haven’t considered name tags for your employees, give it a try.

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Random me: I was president of my “Office Occupations” club in high school.

Cross-channel Marketing

Direct mail and internet marketing go together like diet and exercise.  Independently they both work but when combined, you get the best results.

The appeal of the internet is that it is cheap but make no mistake, internet marketing can be mind-boggling. You can spend the better part of your day on twitter, facebook, linkedin, blogging, tweaking ads or updating your website. But be careful, when all is said and done are you getting business or just hits?

We can’t deny that direct mail is more expensive, but it is also more personal and it is “direct”.  Knowing that you will have a guaranteed audience for your message is one of many reasons not to abandon it. Don’t stop something that works, in favor of something that is cheaper.  People still take mail very seriously.  They complain when it’s late, feel deprived if nothing arrives, and stop what they’re doing when it is delivered.

A sure-fire way to boost business, whether online or not, is to offer a great promotional deal.  Keep the offer simple and concise and use tracking codes or promo codes whenever possible. Give them a reason to pay attention!

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

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