IFPA Professional

Erica George

Congratulations to my daughter Erica (Flanagin) George for earning her IFPA Professional Status (International Fitness & Physique Association) and first place overall at the 2011 OCB Midwest States.  She had a goal and achieved it !!!!
Only happened because of her hard work and dedication and daily workouts at the Valparaiso YMCA (click here). 
Proud Mom and Dad,
Doug and Donna Flanagin
Random me:  I’m not a very athletic person.

Not Just an Employee

I was aware of the long hours at the gym.

I saw the strict diet.

I gagged at the site of those brown protein drinks.

She kept her body under-wraps.

She asked for two days off work.

Glad as an employer we could oblige.

Glad I found out what all the hard work was about.

I had no idea.

Not just an employee, she is my daughter.

1st Place & Overall Winner

Proud Mamma,

Donna Flanagin

Random Me:  Fiji is my favorite bottle water.

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