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Click this link to read the ValpoLife article about our experience (click) with being in the book The Disney Way.


Have a Flan-Tastic Day,

Donna Flanagin


Random Me:  I was so proud of our float this year and all the Flanagin Fairies!  They all did an outstanding job Creating Magic.















How creativity works



Our new door

Our new door

So this is the story of how a little idea turns into a London Phone Booth.

Our building is plain beige and has two doors in the front.

I often have people choose the wrong door even with the arrow posted to show them the way.

So one day I decided to change the color of the door so I could say go to the “green door” or “blue door” or “red door”.

After some discussion we decided on red.  Plain red door, good enough – boom!  Let’s buy the paint and get started.

For those of you that have visited our office you know that plain is just not good enough, so I had to come up with something different.

Something out of the ordinary.

Voila’ why not make it look like a London phone booth.

With the help of Master Imagineer Erica George and spray painter extraordinaire Doug,  this baby was born.

How do you like it?

Have a Flan-tastic day,

Donna Flanagin

Random me:  I love when a creative idea comes to life.  Warms my heart.

2014 popcorn parade

2014 best fairy pichttp://photos.ideasinmotionmedia.com/Festivals-Parades/2014-Popcorn-Festival-Flanagin

Can’t even explain the joy this day brings.

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How did this 5-Year old Teach his Mom about Kindness?

Kindness Blog

How did this 5-Year old Teach his Mom about Kindness?

by Marni Rivera

heart kindness u - FACEBOOK SQUARE (2)

One beautiful morning, I was having breakfast with my 5-year-old son, Finn. I noticed our waitress walking toward us and thought to myself, she needs to smile. She hardly said hello and hurriedly took our drink order.

We both noticed that her mouth was wired shut. My son asked me why her mouth looked that way, and I told him the few cosmetic reasons why someone would need their mouth wired. Then he looked at me with his big, cute eyes and told me to ask her why.

When she dropped the drinks, Finn gave me the ASK HER stare, and when I finally did her answer shocked us both.

A few weeks earlier she was waiting for a bus early in the morning when the next thing she remembered was waking up in the hospital with a broken jaw, broken chin…

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Worth Repeating – Maya Angelou


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A little piece of the magic

It was a vision in 2008 after attending the Disney Institute.

How can I bring a little piece of the Disney magic to my business?

Fast forward 2013


Have a magical day,

Donna Flanagin

Random me: I am writing this post in the early morning on my balcony at the Boardwalk WDW




Sometimes EDDM is not the best choice


I recently had a customer that was considering enlarging their envelope to qualify for EDDM.  The quantity was approx 50,000 pieces covering 6-7 different zip codes going to eastern US states. Click here for EDDM quick reference.

Why I believe this was not the best idea.

1.  Additional cost for larger custom envelope

2.  Additional printing to add City, State and Zip to each group on each magazine

3.  Shipping 50,000 pieces to each local post office.

Leaving the mailing in a #10 envelope but mailing it as a regular saturation mailing was more cost-effective.

Sometimes EDDM is a good idea and sometimes it is not.  Ask your local USPS bulk mail representative or a reputable mailing service.

Have a Flan-tastic day,

Donna Flanagin


Random me: Creating three new Flanagin Fairy costumes for the 2013 Popcorn Parade.

Beginner Yoga, Enjoy



I mentioned before that I am not able to do the beginner poses with ease or grace

but I am grateful to be able to do them at all, regardless of my ability.

Yoga can be for anyone.

There are poses for the disabled, the elderly, the expert and the beginner.

I plan to ENJOY my yoga time.

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Random me:  The feeling of JOY exploded in my heart when I had grandchildren.

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Bulk Mail Service Tip # 4 – Using Abbreviations

Be careful when using abbreviations in addresses.


St Rd 2 vs State Rd 2

The abbreviation “St” means “street” to the post office.

So if you type in St Rd 2 you are telling the post office you want to mail to “Street Road 2”.

Spell out the word State. 

Don’t forget your bulk mail is being processed by computers that read what they see.

Click here for a complete list of USPS abbreviations

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service

Random me:  Still have my “Presidential Fitness” patch from grade school.

Presidential Fitness Patch

Hidden History #15 Not Just Any Tree

An outdoor feeling

A tree next to an outdoor billboard seems appropriate.

Gives the proper outdoor feel.

It’s not just any tree, look closely.

A closer look

Each customer gets a place of honor on our Company Tree.  We are truly grateful to our customers, without them we have nothing.

Have a Wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service

Random me:  First job was a car hop at Dog & Suds.

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