Random Act of Kindness 4-24-14

Scatter Kindness

Random Act of Kindness – 4-24-14

All Acts of Kindness are written in the participants own words and the only purpose of this challenge was to scatter kindness.


So I had a random act of kindness bestowed on me today.

As some of you know I am in the bulk mail business and right now we are in the height of political season.  It get extremely chaotic and I have to draw upon all my organization and prioritizing abilities just to get through the day.  Not complaining, just painting the picture.  My wireless decided to act up, I narrowly escaped a laptop BIOs disaster, my new expensive tabbing machine accidentally came crashing down to the concrete floor, and a customer had me researching and calling all over for his “missing” mailing, when in fact it was not missing at all.  He was polling people to see if they had gotten his mailing and they were telling him they had not, but what he didn’t realize is that none of these people were on the list he sent me.

Little time to eat and even less time to go out and get lunch today.  In comes a delivery man with two pizzas, completely took me off guard.  I look at him, he looks at me and says “For Donna from Debbie!”

Oh how sweet it was.  She even had 1/2 vegetarian for my daughter to eat. 

Can’t tell you how grateful I am for this RAK.  For so many reasons.

Thank you Debbie for always showing me how wonderful life really is.

Have a Flan-tastic Day and Scatter Kindess,

Donna Flanagin

Random me:  Pizza is one of my favorite treats.





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  1. Hang in there Donna. And really enjoyed this post as it gave a glimpse into the reality of what otherwise looks like a fairly stress free work environment.

  2. Seriously? I must be using the wrong colors when I paint the picture! Stress filled most days.

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