#55 & 56 Random Act of Kindness

Scatter Kindness

#55 Random Act of Kindness – 100 day challenge.

All Acts of Kindness are written in the participants own words and the only purpose of this challenge was to scatter kindness.


My husband I and were coming out of our favorite restaurant, when I noticed a lady in a lovely hand knitted hat.

I went over, to her, and complimented her on the hat. She told me it was covering her baldness because she was going through chemo and radiation. I asked her how she was feeling and her eyes welled with tears.

We chatted for a few minutes and she thanked me for not being afraid to talk with her. I asked for her first name and mentioned that I would be honored to pray for her.

Since that time, I’ve wondered about my new friend and how she is doing? I also believe that my life was blessed, that day, because of our Divine appointment.

#56 No response no activity.

 Have a Flan-tastic Day and Scatter some Kindness,

Donna Flanagin

Random me:  This is a good example of how a random act of kindness need not be planned, cost money nor take a lot of our time.



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