#4 Random Act of Kindness

Scatter Kindness

#4 Random Act of Kindness – 100 day challenge.

I asked 100 people to participate. These Act of Kindness are in the participants own words and the only purpose of this challenge was to scatter kindness.


Here is Erica’s R.A.K.

A Random Rescue

Yesterday, October 24th, I “randomly” adopted our 3rd rescue dog.  I never gave a 3rd dog a thought seeing that the two rescue dogs we already had seemed to be perfect.  It wasn’t until there was a certain Facebook post from Lakeshore Paws that caught my attention.  I have to start off by telling you that I see and share almost all of the Lakeshore Paws FB posts regarding the need of fosters or adoption….all of them tugging at my heart, but not with the brute force that this particular FB post had done.  It wasn’t the typical post with a picture of a cute dog and how badly he would love a forever home…nope!  It was just a FB post of their adoption flyer.  But this flyer was different….the amount of dogs/cats squeezed onto this 8×10 flyer was what caught my attention.  I thought to myself…’wow, I have never seen this many dogs on their flyers before’….and in that moment a memory flashed into my head of my husband and I riding in the car and him turning to me and saying he was thinking about getting another dog.  So I clicked on the flyer and browsed through the many dogs pictured and only one popped out at me…almost as if it was a larger picture than all of the others.  Pippa was her name.  A Boston Terrier/Pitt Mix rescued just a few days earlier. That morning, before work, I decided to “secretly” make a stop at Lakeshore Paws to have a visit with Pippa.   I spent a few minutes with her and realized that there was NO WAY I would be able to leave her and never come back.  I briefly explained my “secret ops” situation to the lovely volunteer and told her I would be back later.  Walking to my car, I immediately texted my husband….

Text: { I was naughty and went and looked at a dog at Lakeshore Paws }

Within seconds, my phone rings.  “What kind of dog is it? What does she look like? Is she still there?…”  Within an hour, we were back at Lakeshore Paws…and within a few hours after that…Pippa was at our house for an “in-home” trial with our two other dogs.  She is a perfect fit and we are so happy we can give her a forever home that she deserves.

We have renamed her Ivy and she has two sisters, India and Isis.

IMG_2220 IMG_2222 IMG_2232


Have a Flan-tastic Day and Scatter some Kindness,

Donna Flanagin

Random me:  I am going to enjoy sharing these with all of you that read my blog.



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  1. This story brought happy tears to my eyes this morning. Pippa not only has a new forever home she has a new name for her new happy life.

    • More happy tears to come with the R.A.K.’s to follow 🙂 Thanks for reading and also for the comment. Much appreciated.

  2. Ivy is one lucky Pup. Erica, there is no greater wisdom than kindness and generosity. Thank you for demonstrating it so compassionately.

    • She LOVE LOVE LOVE’s her dogs.

      • My goal in life is to become the type of person our Dog thinks I am.

      • Thank you for this inspiration daily.

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