#1 Random Act of Kindness

Scatter Kindness

#1 Random Act of Kindness – 100 day challenge.

These Acts of Kindness are in the participants own words and the only purpose of this challenge was to scatter kindness.  Throughout this challenge you will see many people who just couldn’t stop at one.


I had just bought my Halloween candy for Sterling Hope and I was stopped at a gas station when I saw a little boy hanging out of the window.  He was wearing a skeleton jacket that glowed in the dark and was talking to his dad pumping the gas.  I asked the little boy if I could have the honor of being the first person to give him some Halloween candy since he looked as if he was already getting excited about the holiday.  Big smiles from him and Dad!

Another random act of kindness was to secretly buy the first person who came in after me at the health club a bottle of water.  I wanted to get out of there before they saw me.  But the front desk had trouble with my card and I was able to see the recipient.  It just so happened it was my 7th grade math’s teacher wife.  I knew this because they have come into the store where I work from time to time.  She had a smile from ear to ear.  (so did the  girl at the desk)  She thanked me again as I was leaving and said I really made her day…Thanks for reminding me how good it feels to do something nice for someone else!!!

Have a Flan-tastic Day and Scatter some Kindness,

Donna Flanagin

Random me:  I am going to enjoy sharing these with all of you that read my blog.



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  1. Thank you for sharing.

    • Good Morning Patty. Hope you will stay tuned for so many awesome RAK’s. Thank you for reading.

  2. This is gonna be a fun ride. 🙂

    • Thank Jeff, I do hope so.

      • No doubt. We are already off to a great start. 🙂

  3. Is this one Debbie?

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