Beginner Yoga – the First Month



Well it has been about a month since I started practicing yoga. Practice is the key word.  I am far from doing any pose with ease or proper form.

I did go out and buy the much-needed yoga mat.  You know, the one that is going to make this journey so much easier.  The mat that is going to make me look like I have done yoga for  years.  Quite honestly I find it a little more slippery when my feet sweat then just the carpet, but I will continue to use it because it I think I should.

One of the most surprising things that I have noticed is the effect of the breathing on my muscles.  I always thought the breathing in yoga was to relax mentally, and it is, but I didn’t realize it had an immediate effect on the muscles.

On the exhale the muscles noticeably relax and you are able to go deeper into the pose.  Try this.  Do a forward bend and touch the floor with your finger tips or if  you are already flexible, touch your palms to the floor.  I am not quite able to touch the floor yet, but this is where I can notice the effects of the breathing most clearly.

Do not jerk or bounce to try to touch the floor.  Inhale and on the exhale just relax and let gravity pull you a little lower.  Do this for 6 breaths.  Notice on the first breath how far down you are and on the sixth breath notice how much further you have gone.

My goal, palms to the floor.

Have a Flan-tastic day,

Donna Flanagin

Random me:  I woke up one day and realized I was unable to do a cart-wheel, a back bend or even touch the floor doing a forward bend.  Harsh reality.  Had I done each one just once a day, could I still do them today?

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