Beginner Yoga, my first day.

Beginner yoga pose ??

Beginner yoga pose ??


Keeping it real, I have absolutely no experience with yoga.  I have no preconceived notions on whether it will be right for me or not.

Day one was actually quite comical.  I was pretty sure I didn’t really have a beginner DVD.  “Simply Yoga” doesn’t mean simple yoga.

So I started searching for an easier video.  That is when I realized that many videos use the word “beginner”, but in my opinion they are beginner for the only for the experienced!

I found even the easiest of poses somewhat difficult. The only pose that was working for me was the corpse pose and that is scary at my age!

The fact that even the easiest pose was difficult,  opened my eyes quite quickly that I need this.

The video instructors make it very clear that you can take this at your own pace and that yoga is a practice and not a performance, so just do the best you can.

That made a HUGE difference to me.  Since I am doing this in the privacy of my own home, I can set my own pace.

Have a Flan-tastic day,

Donna Flanagin

Random me:  I listen to spiritial tapes in the car while I drive.

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  1. you are very funny! glad you are trying yoga – my hubby thinks I would love it but I like FAST pace work outs 🙂 but I will try it one day if you want me to!!!

    • I do want you to, that would be fun. No fair laughing!!

  2. A dear friend here at home also recently started yoga. This morning she shared with me her instructor’s comments on the eagle pose. She said that it was an awkward and difficult pose, just like many of life’s moments. And all she asked of the class is that they try despite the awkwardness and breathe.

    • Yes, I appreciate the attitude of just try. Thank you for reading my posts.


  3. Great to set your own pace, especially at the beginning because there’s nothing to prove nor measure up to. You can decide on that (for yourself) later.

    • No other way for me!

  4. Congrats on starting a yoga practice! Setting your own pace is of great importance. Really take time in poses feeling how they feel in your body and then start to listen to all the adjustments. Maybe try a beginner class. Have a live instructor can really be wonderful!

    • Jennifer thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to comment. That was very nice of you. Right now my life has no time for going to a yoga class. I know that sounds like an excuse but owning your own business and caring for elderly in-laws leave me little time. I am grateful to be able to carve out time at home to get started. Maybe someday 😉 And yes, I agree an instructor would probably be fabulous.

      • That’s so awesome you own your own business. Good for you doing it anyway! When you care for others it’s definitely important to take time to yourself. My teacher said today “99 % is showing up”. Whereever that may be! Keep going. If you ever need some encouragement or have a question come visit me over at my blog. I recently began teaching after ten years of practice and love to share whatever I can!

      • I will definately do that. I already have a question. While doing the cat pose which is pretty easy would it be better to substitue straightening the leg back and bring it forward to the chest instead of just the normal cat pose. Or is it important to do each one separately? Assuming straightening the leg would be more beneficial and if I am pressed for time should is substitute the slightly harder one for the easier one? Look at me, talking like one is easier than the other when infact they are all pretty hard in the beginning at 60. HA

      • I love to do them both, but if pressed for time and looking to improve the abs, definitely straighten the leg back and then bring the knee in (next step is to bring the arm out as well!). Cat is great for those lazy days when you need a good stretch!

      • Perfect. Thank you.

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