The Tooth Fairy is a “She”

Our Friend Ronald

Caution:   The following post should only be read by people who “believe”.

The Flanagin Fairies..why do we do it? 

Why do we spend hours on our day off dressing up as a fictional characters?

Why do we travel an hour to an event knowing it might be rainy and cold?

Why do we take special care to stay in character and not let the children see us without wings and wigs?

Simple, because the of the children.

It all becomes worthwhile when… 

…the first child runs up to give you a hug

…when a mother asks us in front of her daughter if we know the tooth fairy?  We tell her we sure do that we had tea with her just yesterday and the mom turns to the daughter and says, “see I told you the tooth fairy was a “she”!

…a parent tells you their daughter keeps your picture next to her bed or our pictures are still hanging on their refrigerator from last year.

..when you meet a little girl named Katie, who has juvenile diabetes and her entire family is there to raise money for a cure.

Sometimes we will have an adult walk up to us and ask, “who we are and why are we here?”

We have never had any child ask us who we are and why we are here!!  You see, a child just BELIEVES.

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Random me:  I enjoy watching the real housewives  TV shows. 

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  1. Keep on giving and keep on believing Donna. Well done good and faithful servant.

  2. I believe! Made me cry tears of joy!!

    • We missed Misty Greengarden at this event for sure.

  3. Now I’m teary-eyed too! I can imagine all the smiles that you bring — kudos!

    • Debbie, it truly is an awesome experience.

  4. The little girls face was so cute when she heard me say “she” as the tooth fairy. Its hard to leave my 2 little girls on a sunday family funday to go spend it with others children. However seeing the families all get together to raise money for a cure – and getting the hugs from the little girls at the event and they remember me – its worth it and my 2 little girls will be proud of their fairy mom and grandma 🙂

  5. It is always a pleasure to read a new posting. It makes me feel better about people in general.

    • Thanks Kathy. Time for a new post from you too.

  6. Way to go Donna. Spreading some of your own Magic!

    • David, thanks for visiting. We do have a good time. Hope you are doing well. Love the newly painted shutters.

  7. I live the fact that the Fairies are still around and making appearances.

    • I love it and I’m jealous of it. Thanks for stopping by.

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