Can the Post Office be saved?

Who do I think I am talking about saving the post office?

I am only one of thousands of customers that use the post office daily.  I am not here to bash the post office, I actually need them to survive or I am out of business too. I am here to talk about what I observe.

Called the post office all morning yesterday, no one picked up the phone.   I actually wasted all morning trying to get an answer to an important question.

Email was not an option because the person with the answer is pulled from their desk every morning to perform other tasks because they are short-handed.

Have you ever tried to find the phone number of your local post office in the phone book?  It’s not under “P”, it’s not under “US”.  I often get calls at my business from frustrated postal customers asking me if I have the phone number to the post office.

It is possible they don’t want to be interrupted all day long by their customers?

Evaluate your customer service through the eyes of your customers.

Can the post office be saved?  First step, focus on serious, committed customer service.

What do you think the post office can do to improve their customer service?

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Random me:  I was raised in a very conservative household.  Neither parent would have ever owned their own business.


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  1. Donna,

    Brilliant line! “Evaluate your customer service through the eyes of your customers.”

    Simply brilliant or brilliantly simple!

    • Yes David, so simple once you actually think about it.

  2. So, where do I find the number to the post office? I don’t typically call there but once you posed the question I wondered how I would find it if I needed to call. For years, JEM has used FEDEX for delivery of various and sundry items to our clients. The reason we use it is because we can be assured that if they say it will be there tomorrow, 99% of the time it is there. An overnight package sent via the USPS is cheaper but there’s no way to track the package and JEM simply feels held hostage. You pay extra for no guarantee. I would use USPS if they would put that kind of service in place…and, if they have that kind of service, I know nothing about it.

    • Well, I think you “might” find it under government but I was able to find it on the internet more easily. They do want you to call 1-800-ask-USPS and that is the number they guide you too, but really that is not a good place to call.

      As for shipping packages they know they need to start competing and they have those real nice flat rate boxes, but it’s the tracking that is the most important to the people not as much the price.

      No doubt there are some real issues they need to address but will it be too little too late?

      Thanks for commenting, it makes blogging so much more fun.

      • You guys are going through way too much trouble! Call your local library!!!!! We head to their website (>Locate a post office) We’ll be happy to give your their phone #, address, hours & when their last collection is! And you’re definitely right-is really tough to find them in the phone book!

      • Excellent, sounds like you don’t mind being “interrupted” by your customers. LLL Long Live Libraries!!!!

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