Lost and Found in Cyberspace

The following is one of the last tweets I received for 2010.

@LCPLweb #ff #Porter Co. Tweeps I hope to meet in person in 2011: @bulkmail4u (luv your blog), @mytnameischris (aka @ValpoLife) #nwindiana

For those of you that don’t know what a tweet is, it is a post on twitter.

If you don’t know what twitter is…….Click here. (Caution, it can be addictive)

I am @bulkmail4u.

@LCPLWEB will never know how much that meant to me unless I tell them.

Thanks @LCPLWEB, you made my day.

Thanks to anyone that stops by my blog for a short visit.  YOU ARE APPRECIATED.

There are literally millions of blogs floating around in cyberspace, it is a miracle to be found by anyone.

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Random me: I was giving a slide show presentation to my 6th grade classmates the day JFK was assassinated.  What were you doing?

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  1. Donna, nice post. It is hard to be found. Congratulations on Twitter and Blogging.

    • Jeff, it’s been fun. Getting out of my comfort zone a little. Thanks for all you have done for me in 2010.

  2. that is a really cute tweet!!! I hope you guys DO meet!!! I was not alive for jfk -however I was in gym class wearing my fav yellow sweater when the challenger exploded – my teacher was crying……

    • Thanks Monica. I was at the beauty shop getting a facial when I heard about the challenger. Funny how we remember.

  3. Happy New Year! Until we meet 🙂

    • Ah ha….it’s Debbie 🙂 It’s going to be a great year!!!!

      • Yep, it’s Debbie. I’m a Reference Librarian & Webmaster at Lake Co. Public Library. I totally enjoy all the social toys, especially the free ones, & try to put these applications to work for the library. Meanwhile, I’ve discovered LOTS of NW Indiana people blog… And yes, it IS going to be a great year!

      • I find it all so interesting. There is no way I can keep up, but I at least dangle my feet in this big vast ocean.

  4. We know we are appreciated because of people like you who remind us. And we pass on the love as well.

    BTW, I was kicking in my mother’s womb on that day in November, 1963. I was born 3 months later. 🙂

    • Thanks David. Thanks for the shocking reality of how old I really am. Ha, just kidding. It’s going to be an amazing year, isn’t it?

      • It already is. 363 more chances to be amazing in 2011. OOOOHHHH! New blog post!!! Gotta write!

      • 19 day countdown to WDE. WooHoo

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