2009 & 2010 Accomplishments

#YearInReview What did you ship in 2010? (inspired by Seth Godin’s blog today)

Your turn to post a list somewhere… You’ll probably be surprised at how much you accomplished last year. Go ahead and share with your friends, colleagues or the web… don’t be shy.


2010 Business

Can’t wait to start on my list for 2011.  What about  you?

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Random me:  I wrap my Christmas tree and store it in a closet completely decorated for next year. (lazy or brilliant?)


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  1. Donna, brilliant list. INSPIRING. Talk about doing work that matters.
    PS. The Christmas Tree is a great idea too.

    • Thanks Jeff. Might we be seeing your 2010 list? I think it would be far more inspiring. As for the Christmas Tree, it is so easy and no stress. Have been doing it for several years and luckily we have a closet big enough to accommodate. Going to Indy tomorrow to deliver all the pop tops we collected, donate a little more money and take some pictures with the nurses and the tree at Ronald McDonald House. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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