Big Mistake. Big. Huge!

The cupcakes!


During the Disney Institute workshop, we learned that Disney’s top four quality standards are:  Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency.  They are discussed, trained and practiced by all DI cast members.  Courtesy to customers and fellow employees is only trumped by safety.  Did you hear me? Courtesy comes before all else.

This is a true story as recanted by my daughter.

In a recent visit to a local store (name withheld to protect the guilty), she was greeted with, well let’s just say…. with complete disregard.  She happened to be  carrying some cupcakes to bring back to the office, and as she walked into this business, 5 separate employees looked at her and then went back to the task at hand.  Not one employee acknowledged her.  Ironically this store was celebrating their Holiday Open House that day.

As she stood there dumbfounded, one employee looked back up and said, “Oh are you making the cupcake delivery?”  She smiled and politely said, “NO, I was here to make a purchase.”   At this point, she was re-thinking that idea.

Miraculously, she was now “a valued customer”.   “Oh, how can we help you?” was delivered with a great big smile.

She thought, “Are you kidding me?  When I was delivering cupcakes, I was not important at all.  Why would delivering cupcakes make me a less valued visitor?”

They say it takes over 30 positive transactions to counteract 1 bad one.  What are the chances she will be back 29 more times to find out?

As the line goes in the movie Pretty Woman, “Big mistake. Big. HUGE!”

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Random me:  My daughter Erica was named after my dad “Eric”


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  1. Just crazy….specially since your daughter always looks like she wants to spend money???

    • In all seriousness – I treat the people delivering the pc the same as the person who is paying for the pc or however you want to explain it – everyone is important and special to me….you NEVER know what connection you could have work or personal!

      • Yes, you do and you have helped form our company image. Thanks.

  2. Definitely a huge mistake. Because you are telling everyone about it.

    I wish more companies cared about the negative publicity as much as they cared about the bottom line.

    • I had some trouble writing this blog because it seems too negative. I left out their name on purpose. I want it to be about learning and growing. Hope it may help someone.

  3. Donna, you and your passion help make the world a little bit nicer.
    Still loving the random pieces. Erica from Eric. Cool. On purpose. Even cooler.

    • Thanks Jeff. I went into the hospital thinking her name would be Brandy but left with a baby Erica. I had an inspiration after she was born. So glad I did. My father had died 6 years before she was born, so she never got to know him. Sad to think about what they both missed.

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