Loyalty – How Sweet It Is.

Oh So Sweet

What a spectacular day.

A long-time customer from a neighboring town brought us a gift of tasty chocolates.

They told us how much they appreciate what we do.

We let them know how genuinely grateful we are of their business.

They had been asked to use a local vendor for their mailings.

Their reply – haven’t found one that gives the same great service that Flanagin’s does.

The candy was tasty, but their loyalty was so much sweeter.

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Random Me:  I prefer milk-chocolate over dark chocolate.


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  1. We like them and they like us – can’t beat that win win situation!!!!!!!!! I think they really like that we all come and see them when they come in – i think we need to do that more even tho we are busy 24/7!

  2. How sweet it WAS…..I ate them all! They were fantabulous!

  3. Donna, Monica, and Erica, be careful with the chocolate, or as Mae West used to say, “Too much of a good thing is wonderful”.

    Who could ever have too much chocolate or Customer Loyalty?

    Be well and keep doing work that matters.

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