Employee Values – Pay It Forward

A story worth telling….
Monica decided she would only buy Starbucks if she had the money on hand.  No more putting it on her debit card. Wise choice.
While waiting at a doctor appointment, she realized she had the exact amount to  buy 2 cups of Starbucks. One for her and one for her sister and made a mental note to stop by on the way back to the office.
Her wait to see the doctor was unusually long and she was beginning to get annoyed.  She was thinking about all the things she needed to do and wondered “why am I waiting so long, WHY ME”?
Still waiting,  she noticed an older gentleman checking out and he was asked for his co-pay amount and he didn’t have enough money.  How much did he need?  Exactly what she had for her Starbucks coffee.
She gave him her money because she believes that was the reasons for the long wait.  She was meant to be there for this man.
It was fate.  Do you believe in fate?
Monica posted her experience on facebook and one of her friends is sending her a Starbucks gift card.  Pay It Forward.
Oh ya by the way, Monica is my daughter !!
Proud Mama,
Donna Flanagin

Random me:  I have never had a Starbucks, not even a sip.


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  1. Is it okay for a grown man to cry?

  2. After my hummingbird world got turned upside down – FATE and signs are as important to me as a venti coffee w/ cream and 4 sugars!!! BTW – this man was about 60-ish is that OLD?????? hahah sorry I kind of think it is 🙂 I guess when I’m there I wont!!!

    • Well, let me tell you that you are more than 1/2 the way there so 60 is coming your way. No 60 is not old. I do remember when I felt 60 was just plain old, but not anymore. I so believe in signs too.

  3. Life does tricky things. It puts us in situations as if almost wanting to see how we will react. It’s uncanny how events pan out sometimes, as if they’re set up beforehand by someone or something.

    Great story. And while I’m not sure if I believe in fate, I do believe in karma. 🙂

    • I think I believe in both and also the law of attraction which also could have been at work here.

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