When you have a mail question, who do YOU call?


As a business owner, I am always striving for T.O.M.A.  All good business owners should.  When people in my town think of bulk mail, I want them to think of me….T.O.M.A. Top Of Mind Awareness.

Some obvious ways to achieve T.O.M.A. are through aggressive marketing, networking, and  social media.  One not so obvious way, is through customer service.

The following is an actual email I received yesterday that demonstrates T.O.M.A. acquired through customer service.  But be careful, T.O.M.A. can also be achieved through poor customer service.


Question about an address. I’m going through verification forms from members, updating their information. Seems each year we get something from IMAX with their address. We have them listed as 6550 US Hwy 6. They now want 6550 American Way.

I believe in the past when we had it as “American Way,” we would get all the mail returned saying there was no such address.

Can you tell me what address we should use? Or, is this a Post Office question? (just afraid I’d never get an answer from the PO)

Thanks so much.

This is exactly what I strive for as a business owner, a customer that is more comfortable calling me than calling the post office.  I am a little sad that the post office doesn’t have the same reputation, after all, we are partners.

When you have a mail question, who do you call?

Oh ya, by the way, the correct address is US Hwy 6.  American Way is a vanity address, the customer wants it to be their address, but it is not recognized by the post office.

Have a wonder-filled day,


Random me:  the most outrageous movie I have ever seen..The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover. (beyond words)



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  1. Seemingly insignificant acts of kindness can really make a big difference. You are living proof. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jeff. It’s really the fun part of being in business. Sorry part is that the lack, can also reflect poorly on your business.

  2. Someone who cares and that’s you. Not often do you find
    businesses who truly do care and take the time to explain whats best for the customer. Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service should be a mentor for all.

    • Debbie, thanks for reading and commenting. It makes writing so much sweeter. I am just journaling my experiences and I am glad you have been a part of all my experiences. I could not have done it without you and everyone around me.

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