Disney Institute – Points of Contact

This post is about how the Disney Institute transformed a small business in Indiana.

During  the Disney Institute workshop, we were instructed to list the points of contact with our customers.  A point of contact is any representation of the company that a person comes in contact with;  phone calls, meetings, brochures, even your parking lot.  The goal is to turn each contact into a positive experience.

While making my list,  I had a thought.  How could I put a smile on my customer’s face even before they walk in the door?  What would let them know we appreciate them and that we have a sense of humor even before we greet them?


The signs are working even better than I anticipated and are receiving so many positive comments.  The funniest comment was from a gentleman who said,  “I don’t appreciate being asked to park in the rear, do you know what a long walk that is?”

Doing business “The Flanagin W.A.Y.”  (We Appreciate You)

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Random Me: My favorite color is sky blue


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  1. Donna, you really have done some amazing things. Had no idea you did all these adaptations. So glad you decided to start blogging.

    WAY = We Appreciate You
    VIP = Very Important partner


    • Just simply sharing. I wish more people would share what they did when they returned back to work…in detail.

  2. Whenever I would stop by, I always smiled at those little parking signs you had. I thought they were a wonderful idea. I’m sure they put a smile on all the people who come by’s faces, and not just mine. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment. Bringing just one smile, makes it all worth while. All of this makes being in business so much more enjoyable.

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