Disney Institute – The Silver Platter

I really wanted to attend a Disney Institute workshop so I added it to my vision board. Locating the D.I. website was easy enough, deciding on which course was not so easy. My dilemma was two-fold: justifying the cost and which course would have the biggest impact on my business.

The 5 courses….

For the next two years I watched the course schedules, but failed to get off dead center. You see, I was probably only going to be able to afford one class, so I needed to be sure I was making the right choice.

And then in early 2008 an unexpected email arrived with my silver platter. For the first time ever The Disney Institute was offering a 5-day program with all 5 courses, in Orlando.

My heart was racing, it was now or never. Could I afford it, could I leave work and did my husband have time to go along?

Disney designed this one just for me, well maybe not just for me but it sure felt like it. Decision made – I was going! I was moving this one to the completed side of my vision board(two years later)!

Set Goals

Have a wonder-filled day.

Donna Flanagin

Random Me: I was a majorette in high school.


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  1. Very cool story.
    You add a great deal of insight into what a small business owner has to go through to decide, when, if and how they visit Disney Institute.

    • Thanks Jeff. Exploring new ground with wordpress.

  2. How do you mean?

    • Brand new to wordpress and blogging. Don’t even know what “pages” are. Actually just winging it and learning as I go.

  3. Is there an echo in here? This oat, too, was also fun to read again two years later. Happy Independence Day 2013!

    Aren’t you glad you found WordPress?

    And Disney Institute?

    • You have no idea. Almost 3 years to the day that I posted it. How crazy is that?

      • Very cool. And by ‘this oat’, I meant ‘this post’. 🙂

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