My Introduction to Bulk Mail

I was doing miscellaneous secretarial work for a printer and he asked me to research some new automation compatible postal software. I knew absolutely nothing about bulk mail, but I did have years of database experience which goes hand in hand with mailing.

After settling on a software program, he hired us to process the database, paperwork and labels and his employees took it from there.  After 2 1/2 years he decided to do the entire process in-house and took the software back. I had become so attached to the superior database capabilities of this particular software, that I wanted my own copy, but I needed to justify the cost.

I had no customers, no equipment, no permits, and relatively no bulk mail experience. Let’s say I was blissfully naive. So with one potential customer and an enthusiastic saleswoman named Debbie, Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service was born.

Next…how we grew to the largest volume mailer in our county.

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  1. Your story is really starting to get good.
    Can’t wait for each new day, each new layer.

    • You’re just being kind, but I do appreciate it. I think “desire and determination” will have to come back into my life to get the hang of this “blog thing”.

      • I am not.
        I’m being honest.
        If you’re looking for a reason to write, y

      • Take 2:
        I am not just being nice.
        I’m being honest.
        If you’re looking for a reason to keep writing, you started to say something about your grandkids.
        Leave a trail for them, so to speak.

      • Yes, very unique times we are in. We have the platform to write it down and give future generations the ability to find it on the internet many years to come. Quite daunting thought.

  2. You’re laying it out very well.
    Wow, I can’t wait to hear what happens!

    With me coming from a CAD background, hearing how your affinity for the software led to your business is inspiring!

    • You are so kind. Not sure where I am going with the blogging, but soon I am going to blog about my DI experience and how it affected my business. Would love to hear your story too.

      CAD huh? Do you use CAD at your work? I don’t know what you do for a living I don’t believe.

      • Unfortunately, I’ve not used CAD in a few years. It is something at which I’m incredibly adept, though. Quick summary of me – BA in Music from Ohio State, where I was in the marching band for 5 years
        – AAS in Mech. Engineering Technology from Columbus State
        – 4 years at an R&D firm as a Mechanical Designer
        – Currently, past 2.5 yrs as Manager, Programs & Communications for a non-profit, State-funded trade organization/matchmaker for Ohio’s polymer industry

        I progressed at my last job from a CAD guy, where I edited drawings to actually designing stuff – a lot of brackets, piping runs and generally figuring out how to make needed components fit into a system.
        However, as much as I enjoyed the CAD work, I saw my future in Business Operations or Strategic Planning. I thought that’d be the value separator from more of an hourly worker.
        We’ll see where things go…

      • I was with the marching band too. Well, not exactly……I was a high school majorette. Both equally important to the parade, don’t you think (ha)?

        Hope your career choice suits you well. No one should work as many hours as we do in a career we don’t thoroughly enjoy.

        Keep blogging, people are reading.

  3. Believe me, you don’t have to tell me twice about twirling.
    My Mom and Aunt had a baton and drum corps that they even took to Macy’s.
    My other aunt still organizes competitions and trips around the world for the US USTA team.
    Mom was a feature twirler at Univ. of Kentucky and we traveled all over the midwest for contests for my sister.
    Believe me, you’ve got full appreciation from me there! =)

    • Wow, I am impressed. Not enough twirling these days, I miss it. Still have my original baton…..memories.

  4. This was so much fun (and inspiring) to read again. Happy 4th of july 2013!

    • I get asked often how I got into the bulk mail business. Opportunity knocked and I opened the door (answered the phone).

      • And do you get asked often, “How did you come to make your business such a creative, happy place?”

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