Desire and Determination

Just a little background…

When I started in business I had a pretty good secretarial base but I had NO bookkeeping experience.  So all my bookkeeping was self-taught by desire and determination.

Small businesses were just evolving from manual bookkeeping to computerized. (I’m dating myself here)  We were still using electric typewriters, mimeograph machines and white-out.  My first computer was an I.B.M. with a 10 meg hard drive.  I still remember the salesman telling me I would never fill that hard drive.

I had two mentors, Martha who was retiring from my husband’s family business and my aunt Pat who did the bookkeeping at her church. They were my life-lines when I got stumped.  I will always be grateful.

Flanagin’s Secretarial Service grew slowly and deliberately for the next several years.  Why do I say deliberately?…….. (to be continued)

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

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  1. Already, I’m liking your style and format.
    Makes me want to tune in tomorrow.
    Also getting to know you as a person.
    Kinda like character development.
    Anyway, you’re doing good things here. 🙂

    • That is very kind. In the words of a famous 5-a-day blogger, “I’m humbled”.

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