Bulk Mail Service Tip #3 – Irregular Cuts

Quality Matters

Problem: Irregular cuts

Explanation: More and more of my customers are opting to do some of their own printing to save money.  One of the drawbacks is that quality matters to the post office, so be very careful.  The cut is very important.  The post office operates on weight to get your piece count.  They will take 10 samples, weigh them and then calculate your entire mailing’s weight based on those 10 pieces.  If they take ten samples including the smaller cuts, the weight would be different from 10 with the larger cuts. When the weight does not match the piece count on the postage statement,  the mailing can be rejected or you may be charged more in postage.

Solution: The best solution is to have your mail pieces cut by a printer or vendor with an industrial paper-cutter.  If that is not possible and you need to cut them yourself, set up your paper-cutter guides or mark a guide measurement with a piece of tape or a pencil mark.  Also let your employees know the importance of quality work and why.

Have a wonder-filled day,

Donna Flanagin

Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service

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